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Your contact person
Xin Xiao
P: 0049 (0) 30 32 89 68 84

David Frisch
Betriebswirt und China Import Experte
P: 0049 (0) 30 32 89 68 83


Networker meeting for businessmen

Networker meeting for businessmen, purchasers and Asia-interested people (especially China, Korea and Japan)


Since 2014 the Agentur Frisch has offered networker meetings regularly. We want to address both purchasers of small and medium-sized companies and of concerns (networking for purchasers). Therefore we cooperate partly with clubs with equal or similiar aims. The goal is to exchange each other experiences. Often out of it arise business connections.

Most of the participants of our meetings are Germans connected with Asia, Asians studying or working in Germany, carriers, shipping companies, international lawyers, service providers from the section foreign trade/purchase & logistics and purchasers from industry and trade.

The networking meetings occur in Berlin reguarly, also there are meetings in other regions unreguarly. The next meetings planned last Friday of each Month. You can subscribe to one tof the folllowing meetings at


or at the subscription-link below. The participaton is free. Food and drinks are payed by everybody themselves.



Jan 2018 to July 2018: deleted

25th Nov. 2017 Netzwerktreffen in Restaurant Sonne

The Organiser:

David Frisch (auf Xing)

Xin (Angel) Xiao (auf Xing)

Press partner: 

All about Sourcing

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Advertising partner/sponsors

China Import Consulting

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