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Xin Xiao
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David Frisch
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Management consultancy in Berlin

Your consulting services in Berlin - For your business success

If you want to be successful, it is advisable to contact a successful Business Consultancy. With the Agentur Frisch , one of the most successful consultancies in German-speaking countries for China Import, you are precisely on the right track. Increase your competitiveness with strategies from the Frisch Agency. With our support, you can be successful as a start-up or new company right from the start. It is not necessarily an easy path to take, however, we are the right partner to take this journey with you.


We are not only a Business Consultancy, we are a strategic partner of our clients. The goal of our customers is our challenge. As a partner, our goal is to make our customers successful. We look forward to your enquiries and we will assure you from the start of our conscientious advice.  Contact us at info@ag-frisch.de or by calling Tel: 030 32 89 68 83.


We specialise in the following main areas:


-         Foreign trade consultancy (especially trading with East Asia)

-         Consultancy: design/packaging/manuals (OEM production)

-         Marketing planning

-         Location/Site planning

-         Process automation

-         Creation of business plans

-         Business model canvas

-         Consultancy in preparatory accounting

-         Forming a company in Germany

-         Forming a company in Asia

-         Coaching on purchasing in China

-         Sales consultancy (especially online, for example, Ebay, Amazon)

-         Logistics consultancy

-         Coaching for start-ups

-         Ideas and creation of start-ups for reorientation (for example, athletes after sport careers)




Please contact us for all your consultancy services in Berlin and we will be very happy to assist you. For an initial telephone meeting Tel: 0 30 32 89 68 83.




Foreign trade consultancy (especially trading with East Asia)

Exporting abroad is fraught with dangers and risks, but also with opportunities and possibilities. For all exporting endeavours, it is necessary to have a know-how about the laws and regulations, as well as the market and the culture in the target country. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you to efficiently prepare for all foreign trade.




Marketing planning

We analyze the market situation, that means, we find out the target group and what buying habits and needs it has, what competitors are there and how you can stand out from crowd. We devise goals and targets together, consider which strategies to use to achieve these objectives and set a budget for getting there.



Location/Site planning

Where should production and sales take place? What are the advantages of the chosen site? The answers are dependent on your target audience group. Criteria for selection include good accessibility, proximity to suppliers, attractiveness for workers and your competition.



Process automation

If you want to optimise technical processes in your company and allow them to run autonomously, process automation is required.



Creation of business plans

A sound business plan is essential for the financing of your company. In your business plan, your business idea, the benefits for the customer, competition, their marketing activities and the necessary funds should be listed. It is very important for it to have a clear structure and precise formulation.



Business model canvas

The BMC is a supplement to the business plan. Developed by Alexander Osterwalder, this method helps you to find innovative business models. It works on the modular principle. Alongside the nine key factors for a business model, ideas are written down and moved and supplemented as often as it takes until a marketable model arises.



Consultancy in preparatory accounting

Accounts for the tax office are due every month. These are created by accountants or tax advisers. However, some preliminary work, such as the ordering of documents, bank statements and bills, must be done by the company.




Forming a company in Germany

After you have created the business plan, there are further steps that lead to the formation of your business. The business form must be chosen, licences obtained, the company has to be registered as does the location/site and much more. We will help you to keep track of all the various points.



Forming a company in Asia

Even when forming a company in Asia, some points should be noted, in particular, the choice of location/site, compliance with regulations, the necessary filing of documents with the authorities and the selection of a manager/management team.



Coaching on purchasing in China

Additional costs will be added to the price of the product. Additional expenses are incurred owing to logistics, packaging and customs tariffs. Apart from this, long delivery times, which can even be prolonged in cases of worker strikes, must be taken into consideration.



Sales consultancy (especially online, for example, Ebay, Amazon)

In sales consultancy, your customer and the usefulness of the product for him are particularly the main focus. A product has a factual, an economic and an emotional usage. These values ​​must be emphasised and highlighted for the customer. Factoring in these points, the price is finally calculated.



Logistics consultancy

We optimise storage and logistics processes. The requirements and demands for logistics are constantly changing, which is why professional advice is necessary.



Coaching for start-ups

We will help you transform your innovative business idea into a functioning business model and so to implement your idea quickly and successfully