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Your contact person
Xin Xiao
P: 0049 (0) 30 32 89 68 84

David Frisch
Betriebswirt und China Import Experte
P: 0049 (0) 30 32 89 68 83


Merchandise and commissioning


Warehouse and logistics in Germany
(other countries) on request

The establishment of our partner is located in the north-east of
Hamburg, in the heart of the industrial area Billbrook. Here operates our partner a modern warehouse in two separate logistic warehouses with more than 6,000 pallet spaces.

Further more, the third hall, approximately has 600 square-picking and assembled space. Especially for assembling are assembled spaces available to ensure a safe and clean execution.

Your goods can thus be directly adopted in
Hamburg and released into free circulation and subsequently examined and stored. Of course, we also like to take out the dispatch directly to your end-business customers.

We work together with other storage logisticians and commissions. These are located mainly in
Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin) and also in China

The distribution of the
Agentur Frisch, combined with this offer. Thus you have the goods storage, picking and shipping from one source. We are happy to support you.

Please contact us!