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Xin Xiao
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David Frisch
Betriebswirt und China Import Experte
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Organization of your import by the import manager - your external purchase department


Import by yourself

It is often worth buying abroad instead of buying through German importers, distributors, or foreign companies. The first steps are the hardest, although the steps: make the contacts, find suppliers abroad to become acquainted with the mentality abroad and organize the steps of the logistics to delivery on their own. To carry out the activities of the Agentur Frisch in a similar way, you probably need more than one additional employee for the purchase but this would cost significantly more than can easily perform the task of the Agentur Frisch ...

Your own import

It is not difficult in Germany to become an importer because there are few requirements. The Agentur Frisch can also help you to know varied duties and risks, please ask us ..

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Trade Contacts

Trade contacts are particularly important because with no contacts in international trade, nothing runs. We already have many contacts abroad and work for some time, together with the factories. Through a long cooperation there is a relationship of trust and only through a trusted co-create a long-term reliable supply arises that goes to the benefit of our customers. Due to the known trade contacts, we will benefit through these contacts in turn to make new contacts and the contacts we get are usually recommended to contact, it would be only a long and costly research. We are also working successfully for years with traders along to us, and looking for contacts abroad, especially in China, which speaks the Chinese language and mentality, but also master to know what quality we have in Germany.

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Reduce risks

Of course there are many risks in international trade. The greatest risk is certainly the risk of dubious suppliers. Just at the point of looking for suppliers or preferring not to invest is part of our work. We choose manufacturers from which will not bring anything negative with experience.

Often you will quickly see whether a potential supplier is really serious as an example to the website or upon how the supplier has a telephone conversation with a native speaker or not. Often you can see very quickly whether a supplier seems to be what he first issued or not. We can greatly minimize the risk but this does not mean that it can be ruled out at 100%.

More security can be achieved by a subsequent factory visit or through a secure method (eg L / C) ...

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Payments abroad

There are various forms in order to pay to the supplier abroad. Obviously, the security of the importer and also the exporter should be taken into consideration. We try to find your interest and the interest of the exporter and we will try to find the appropriate payment form.

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Employees abroad

Without our employees abroad such as China, Indonesia or Argentina, nothing would run. Close to the ware sources is very important. Our native speakers confirm trust of the manufacturer not only by telephone conversations, but also clarify the intricate detail in the local language, and do price negotiations by knowing their mentality successful. Factory visits are due to the proximity of our staff on our trading partners abroad not only inexpensive but also for you as a customer entirely smooth, timely and feasible without the burden of time because you can save on as for example on your own trip to China. Small translations lead our native who also speaks excellent English for you in the course of our surrogate and it does not create an additional translation costs if you are not in order to give additional translations or occur especially costly translations which we have to run.

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Logistics & commissioning

We work for some time with shipping companies and freight forwarders, and thus you can always convey the most sensible routes. Even in China and elsewhere abroad, we organize the booking of the container and the clearance of goods and the freighting and shipping to Germany. With the help of our partners in Germany (carriers), we support you in the customs clearance of merchandise and the delivery to you in the camp. We can assist you in various forms of transit, either by express delivery, air freight or sea freight or a combination of air and sea freight. Through our logistics specialists, you will get the best advice and optimum support.

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Patents and Licenses

There are rights of trademark owners for many trademarks, and even many designs are called taste pattern. Even on technologies exist licenses. Upon import into the EU are the rights of third parties protected by law. The Agentur Frisch has already experience and knowledge, which patents and licenses are required in many areas and which products may not be introduced. Even so, the Agentur Frisch may not issue any legal advice. But you are not alone, because we can recommend a professional international lawyer specializing in the importation into the EU, especially for goods from Asia, and with lawyers in the Asian region working together. Through a discussion of the lawyer and his Asian colleagues, you can make your import legally to avoid problems with importation

• Attention: Now new REACH - New regulations for import of chemicals ...

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Quality of merchandise

We pay attention to the quality of the merchandise and try to work with factories which provide relatively high-quality goods. Our professional engineer who studied mechanical engineering in China and in Germany, and production technology know precisely the quality standards in Germany. Although the quality control is partly possible only within the framework of how you want to finance it as a customer because quality testing can be very expensive, but through their years of experience, our engineer have already in many industries recommended suppliers who already have quality inspections of other large German companies survived and thus you can get positively your benefit from the references. Quality on-site inspections in the factories, we can only do there, apparently because most lack of the technical capabilities and we can not scrutinize each individual product. It is always recommended to pre-order a sample and can test the sample in a laboratory. Only in this way you will get knowledge about the quality but also on long-term durability of the product, eg, after how many wash cycles lose the dress, the colors, or under what weather conditions will appear an unacceptable material deformation on the moped.

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The Agency organizes your entire fresh import. The price you pay to us has proved to be for most companies as a profitable investment because you can concentrate on your core business while we take over the entire process for you. Our main business is the import process and this is why we take from you to be happy and provide you with our professional service you may have. Whether you want to import from China, Indonesia, Argentina, Romania, Italy or from the other world, we will find you what you need and that at the desired price you and your money and organize the entire process. You need the goods to pay only accept and sell again. Through our client area with fantastic tools, you have a tool in the hands of what you international purchasing a large extent relieved because we've designed your purchasing department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, flexible, you have a fantastic view and can place orders very easily and always have an overview of the work of your purchasing department - the agency Frisch. Openness and transparency towards our customers is the clear objective of what we have set ourselves, and with success!

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