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your risks as an importer


Be aware of your risks


As an import agency, we are constantly striving to offer the customers the best service. If you feel we have to take us too long to find the right trading partnerC please be aware that the Agentur Frisch may will not take the risk and the responsibility for subsequent loss. The risk always remains with you as the importer. For this reason, the Agentur Frisch is working carefully and selects the safest way of all available options in cooperation with you.

Importers in the EU

As an importer in the EU, for your damage caused by the product can be liable held because the victim is not expected of his rights against a third party in distant foreign countries. That is precisely why it is important to examine the product thoroughly beforehand about potential risks in advance to exclude. Please inform yourself about the product liability law, or let yourself be advised by a competent attorney. We are happy to recommend a lawyer

Delivery risk - credit risk

We are trying with all means of modern communication and honesty to examine the reliability of the supplier. We always recommend that a factory visit to get a personal impression of the factory. We are happy to visit the factory on your behalf and create a protocol visit to your specifications. If you have further doubts, a further security in the payment terms may exist after discuss with the exporter, for example, by an LC-Payment

Quality risk

The goods does not always conform to what really gives the supplier before in its product descriptions, and how it affects to the product images. We recommend that you should demand the product samples or fabric and material samples and send them for testing in the laboratory. Many products require CE and ROHS certificates. It is also important to submit copies of the certificates for verification. It is quite often that manufacturers supply goods not as what you have been given as samples. We also recommend a physical inspection before shipment. We would like to do that for you. It is clear that we can not test every product for you, and we do not have the technical capacity, in the field test, whether materials are appropriate or not. In addition, there is no guarantee that the supplier of the goods we have actually tested is also the shipper. We can not completely remove all risks, a residual risk remains present even after careful testing. We also like to do a production monitoring during production. However, this is very expensive when an employee of our agency accompany from the start of production until the end of production and until the charge. It is therefore worthwhile only for very large production numbers

Transportation risk

as an importer, you should take the risk of transport delays, if you didn’t make an arrangement with the exporter. The product is of course insured for destruction, damage or loss during transport.

Price Risk

Since you are abroad as an importer, you often pay with local currency or the USD currency, you have the risk of currency fluctuations. Foreign exchange losses are at your expense. If this is contractually agreed, the exporter can adjust currency losses later, and possibly provide you with the difference in accounting

Political Risks

Political risks can not be excluded (eg war, strikes, expropriation, prohibitions on payment) and shall be borne by the importer. Other political risks may also be borne by the exporter, (for example) Inflation

Economic risks

Different laws, import and export rules, regulations are a risk of the importer if you don’t know these laws and regulations in the country. Chinese exporters will need an export license, for example, without this they can not export (except on express services like DHL, as it would be as exporters)

Patents, licenses and certificates

On most brands, the brand owners have a right to their brand which is imported into a customs territory (eg the EU), protected by the legislature. The trademark owner can, of course, the right to enforce its brand. Similarly, certain details and technologies can also be protected and the import licenses are required. For certain commodities are also certificates such as CE, ROHS, or EEC & COC needed. For your security, we can recommend a lawyer who can check for you which documents you need for the importation into the EU. Accordingly, we assist you to find trading partners abroad which have or acquire all the necessary documents. It is important to determine in the contract when should these documents to be present. So that you can demonstrate that you have followed all the guidelines.

The Agentur Frisch has been working together with numerous suppliers, who have all necessary certificates and licenses. However, the control will be regularly repeated because these laws and rights of other manufacturers may also constantly change. We also know from many manufacturers that they are reliable and have a good quality of their products. Through our local contacts, such as China, Argentina, Indonesia, we are informed about current political and economic events and be informed about laws and regulations. Of course we can not be equally well informed and advised for every industry and every product, however, your risks are significantly reduced through our cooperation. You can get a legal advice by our recommended lawyer at any time.

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