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Xin Xiao
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David Frisch
Betriebswirt und China Import Experte
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Import scooter from China


Scooter from China


The client called us because he has ordered and prepaid scooters in China. Despite numerous reminders, he did not got a bill of lading from the Chinese company. Even he could not communicate with the company because of the language. The staffs of the Chinese company did not respond to emails because that our clients speak little English. Our customer has in any case no experience in the import and does not know the course, so that he was uncertain how to proceed further

We called the company in China where products turn out. In that company no one speaks English indeed. In Chinese language, we were able to verify by telephone that the alleged field representatives of the company has little experience and expertise in exports. After we informed the company that we think they may be fraud and we will reclaim the money, our client got the bill of lading.

After examination of the BL and packing list, we could determine that can not be the "real" ordered goods in the container due to the various types of information.
On behalf of the clients we have a lawyer in China charged with the supplier has asked for withdrawal of the container. Our client was therefore at no additional costs.

Process No. 2
Over a large import-export trade fair, we were able to research a major exporter of motor vehicles from China, which can export more than 250 models with all EU and U.S. documents you need.
After a phone conversation in English with the supplier we were able to quickly determine that whether a reputable company is found

After a comparison with some Chinese suppliers on the Internet, we found that the prices are more competitive.
The price and contract negotiations had no problem.
After an approximately 4-week production time, the container went to sea and we organized the transport for the client at his request until delivery.


Our client is very satisfied with the vehicles. The quality is excellent and the reasonably priced spare parts are supplied partly for free. The client gives now regularly orders to us for his bikes. Currently, we continue to search regularly to find more affordable dealers with consistent quality for our clients.

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