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Import from China

Imports from China


China is already import world Champion Despite all the difficulties in importing from China, we specialize well to it. We know the mentality in China and by our native speakers in China, the mentality and the language for us is a normal and daily use. Due to our excellent contacts with China, we started with the China Import and now we will arrange imports not only from many other Asian countries

Information of China´s Ministries of commerce

The People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China is situated in eastern Asia and has a size of nearly 9.6 TSD m2 and more than 1.3 billion inhabitants and is the most populous state on earth. The official language is), Putonghua (Mandarin. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China.



Main production assets in agriculture in China, including wheat, corn, apples, rice, potatoes, cotton, sheep, meat and fish

Main production assets in the mining industry in China including zinc, tin and lead

Main production equipment in the industry in China include iron, steel, aluminum, fertilizer, cement and synthetic fibers, as well as cardboard and paper



Imported from China

Have the greatest share of exports from China: Textile & apparel, computer equipment, radios and televisions, electronics, machinery and chemical products


Establishment in China

The most common cost-based and also the form of foreign enterprises in China is the representative office. Thus, when one can open an office in China, it is limited and will be active. There is no minimum capital requirement. For other forms, the Agentur Frisch is pleased to advise you when you want to be represented in China with its own society.

It argues against imports from China that the quality does not always correspond to our ideas and mentality so that not always the best product but also happy to reject goods delivered to customers around the current supply customers with the better-quality products and can also rejects to bring man. The interest in a permanent new customer acquisition is not always given. Furthermore, the removal often speaks against China. Express mail and air freight shipments are more expensive and by sea are very long road. Our own visit to China is costly and time consuming and it takes very long to the language and the mentality to get used to. Why China is the cheap production for wages and production in China is very cheap and of course, the work measures up ethic. Often in China and worked until late into the evening and even on Sundays and public holidays. If one has long term cooperation with a company, it is on the kindness and honesty. Since the ocean freight is very cheap, it is worth importing from China, of course, if you can plan well, the long lead times of approximately is 4 weeks.

For Your Import from China please Contact us. We are Your professionel partner for Your import from China.