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The quality of Your import goods


Quality of Goods
The quality of the goods is an important issue if you want to import. Straight from emerging countries like China or India, unfortunately, the quality does not often correspond to what is expected. For this reason, the Agentur Frisch also takes a lot of value to the theme "Quality assurance".

Which are bad experiences?

Example 1) The manufacturer sends the customer pattern. The quality is exactly to his wishes. But by order of the main delivery of the goods does not match the pattern. According to the manufacturer, a coloring of a single product looks quite different like the color in a major production. He take a pattern individually from the stock, take a much better quality from a different production since it applies to the main production of this order, so you will only get the delivery of the goods which could be obviously not identical to the main production.

Example 2) A visit to the factory. The manufacturer presented entirely a really good quality of proper Sauna (demonstrators), even better than those on the photos or the descriptions. The client is thrilled. Because of this positive visit, the Customer waives any product acceptance after completion of its own production. When the customer checks the sauna, he is shocked. The doors are made of window glass instead of plexiglass, the wood is only partially cut and partially not painted. The wood is stained and full of holes and the holes are unclean. When the customer wants to enforce his warranty by the manufacturer, he said that it is itself an electrical company, therefore only the electric sauna can be guaranteed, but the wood and the glass can not be guaranteed.

Experiences & References

Of course, we build on our experiences. We always try to recommend suppliers with whom we or our clients have had good experiences. Moreover, we know in some industries, suppliers of large companies because of references where a good quality is already to be expected. For new suppliers, it is of course possible, show references to us(if they have). Often, large importers and manufacturers have already made costly testing procedures and suppliers, who have reached these quality standards will accordingly be chosen. We will certainly take the suppliers of other large importers and manufacturers to the list whose qualities are already known and which can demonstrate in accordance with their references.

Pattern consignment / product sample

A sample program or product sample is essential to our experience. So you can test the product to your own taste without the third person. You can also check the functions. If you can not find any deficiencies and be satisfied with the product, you should perform further tests in a test laboratory. This is also important to determine the longevity of the product.

Contractual agreement

Of course, should be contractually agreed that the quality of the products of the main production should not differ in the quality of delivery patterns. These must exactly correspond to the pattern. Ideally, a factory visit to the goods purchase is contractually agreed.

Production Monitoring

In the production control the production of your goods is from the start of production monitored until the shipment. We write daily reports and make photo documents and send them daily to you by fax or email. In addition, daily issues will be discussed over the phone with you. So we accompany you in your representation of the entire production process
Merchandise on-site inspection

After the expiry of production, we make the product acceptance. Of course, we can only examine the products by eyes because often in local place there has not the technical possibilities for further testing, and not each device can be tested (for example, for technical equipment). Of course, we can instruct an international test institute for you, so that you can have an official certificate for product acceptance on-site.

Conditions of the manufacturer

We strive to create better conditions on-site. Thus, long-term relations will be achieved. We assist foreign suppliers in the training of employees by German instructors, we attempt to get delivery by better-quality materials, and to help the company to get better equipment, such as tools and machinery. Even so, the quality can be improved long-termly. Ask us, we will try to achieve this goal.

We are always conscious that you want to get a good quality in the delivery of goods as a customer. We want to get the satisfaction of our customers, ensure a supply, satisfaction is also a basis for long-term cooperation. We are trying to enclose all points to minimize the risk for you as much as possible. Do not save cost, when it comes to ensuring the quality, a bad supply is a business risk which is also the biggest financial risk for you as an entrepreneur.

Current import warnings of the European Union

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