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Import from TV-DVD-Combos from Italy


TV-DVD from Italy
The client wanted to import TV-DVD combos from China originally. The devices should be applied to more import products which can be present in wholesale too by the Agentur Frisch. The country of origin "China" was chosen by the customer due to the cost issue.

We researched many companies in China which can supply the required equipment. In collaboration with our attorney for patent and trademark law showed that many licenses would be required for the import. The companies should have to get these licenses. Thus had a low-cost supplier will be the subject of negotiation.

Our lawyer explained to the protection of owners and license holders what conditions will be met and which costs will occur to obtain licenses for import so that our client can import the TV-DVD combos from China into the EU.

Ultimately, a Chinese supplier with the required equipment would have been willing to get the appropriate licenses. To avoid the risk of importation into the European Customs area, however, we researched for equivalent devices with an affordable price within the EU.

Starting point No. 2
As we researched a supplier in Italy which similar devices make, such as devices from China could provide an almost identlischen price, the customer gave us the mandate to buy from this company in Italy, because it has fewer problems in the import.

Process No. 2
We negotiated with the Italian manufacturer and said to our clients the costs and risks.
After telephone conversations with the Italian manufacturer, we were convinced of a good cooperation and the honesty of the supplier. The contract and price negotiations on behalf of the client went smoothly.

We organized a sample delivery for our clients who can be convinced of the good quality of the device. The client received the equipment free of charge and only had to take the transportation at his own expense.
Even the desire a smaller delivery of customers was accepted by the Italian supplier. Due to its proximity to Italy are minor supplies more realistic than supplies from the Far East.


Because of the proximity to Italy, the customer can also order the TV-DVD devices in small quantities, as he actually needs. Moreover, the risk for imports reduces, as they are already in the EU.

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