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Xin Xiao
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David Frisch
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Import of tables from China


Tables from China 
Our client wanted to purchase inexpensive tables. He chose China. He has already made concrete targets in terms of appearance and the material.

We started with a manufacturer's research and have seen many manufacturers in China which can produce the desired table. The client chose 8 of the producers on the shortlist. 

The details were specified by the request of our clients and explained to the producers on the short-list and discussed. Once the details were discussed and we were able to compare the prices, so that our client could chose a manufacturer with the good price quickly.

The price and contract negotiations went quickly and we got at the same time quotes from carriers for our customers.
We supported for our clients by the payments to the suppliers in China through our account and held during the production contact with the Chinese suppliers.
We supported our clients in their cost
budget that he had an overview of the costs and possible costs.

After production, we have led the pickup by the carrier and gave the commercial documents to our clients in time.
On behalf of the client, we organized the logistics for delivery of the container to the customer.


Our customer has timely received his table. The performance and price good and competitive and the process is to the satisfaction of our clients.

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