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International payments


Payments in International Trade

You should pay attention to the International Trade, there are also common rules in international trade. That means that you have risks and the suppliers have also the risks. the cost of money circulation should to be considered in contrast to the cost of merchandise

Prepayment for small purchases

For small purchases, bank payment in advance is not the safest but the most ideal form of payment. A bank transfer does not cost much, and using the bank transfer payment is demonstrable. Small purchases should be based on a previous telephone conversation with the vendor and an internet search to try at least to minimize the risk. You can use the account of the Agentur Frisch as an account mediator.

Import Order

For small private purchases, you can give them to the Agentur Frisch. That means the Agentur Frisch imports for you and sells the merchandise to you. A relatively secure payment option what we offer for you is only in exceptional cases. Mainly we are working with commercial customers

Deposit and advance payment

The most common payment form in international trade. You pay a part before production and give a final payment after the goods are on the boat and you have received a copy of the Bill of Lading ". The supplier will send the goods once you give the advance payment.


Payment by bank security. This payment is only possible when the importer and the exporter have one account at a top international bank. The payment will be released by the Export Bank to the exporter only when certain commercial papers have been agreed and arrived to the importer and exporter. Please be advised by your bank

Escrow payment

There is also the possibility of via an escrow account to pay. There are international custodians, you can check their job when you like. Perhaps the money can be deposited on a so-called trust account for safety.

Ask us if you want to take this opportunity and learn more about this. We will try to negotiate with suppliers and ensure your safety.

Payment on target

The safest option. Usually, it is the easiest form, if you have a good market position. Thus, the payment is also a pressure so as to obtain the right delivery. If you have this position you should try to reach this form of payment.
The Agentur Frisch has a claim that the safety of our customers has the highest priority. We can not relieve you of the risk of payment in international trade, however, we can advise you and you minimize the risk

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