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- Animal need and animal accommodations
- Antiques / Art
- Autos, Motorcycles & Vehicles
- Baby, Children
- Bags
- Bicycles & Scooter
- Building market, do-it-yourself enthusiast (except tool)
- Cent-goods
- Closeouts
- Clothing & Accessories
- Farming, Raw Materials
- Food, Beverage
- Furniture & Housing Facilities
- Games, Toys
- Garden
- Health & Beauty
- Household
- Industrial facilities and equipment
- Jewelry
- Lamps and Lights
- Mobile Phone, Fax, Phone
- Musical Instruments
- Office, Companies
- photograph & Camcorder
- Plumbing
- Promotional items, promotional gifts
- Seasonal items, party and public holidays
- Shoes
- Sports and Leisure
- Tools, hardware
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Xin Xiao
P: 0049 (0) 30 32 89 68 84

David Frisch
Betriebswirt und China Import Experte
P: 0049 (0) 30 32 89 68 83

Trade-contacts of your external purchasing and sales department for Global trade

"We do not want to by your confidence to get paid, but earn it ourselves with our good service for you"

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The advantages of cooperation with the Agentur Frisch
The main reasons for cooperation with AG Frisch

Suppliers Contacts

The agency Frisch have already the supplier contacts constantly updated. Thus you can choose in the "Catalog" the desired product and make your purchase intent. The suppliers have been selected according to our claim to the selection of suppliers and the products are constantly being updated.

Customer-contacts/ distribution channels

We are already working with leading importers, distributors, wholesalers and trade marks (brands) who are constantly looking for new products. The agency Frisch is committed to importers purchase from abroad.

Our Services
Through our services, you have already all the service for the entire processing of your purchase or as an exporter of your sale to delivery. Even in difficult processes you will always have the import and export professional at your side and translation is as a part of our customer service as consultations for each area in the course of your business through the Agentur Frisch.

The way we work

We work quickly, flexible and structured. This means that we make us dependent not even by time of day, night time, holidays or weekends, but will work if the work is in trouble, so that our customers need not to wait and can promptly get what they want. Only if you are satisfied as a customer, we have reached our goal of providing a service.



Through our security claim you can greatly reduce risks. We do not skimp on safety measures for giving our customers a risk in the important quality issues, payment, transportation, import and product liability facilitate and support meaningful and in all other points. Our method is also privacy and the protection of workers from our suppliers, as well as the nature of social and moral aspect.


Our strong partner
We have been working internationally with lawyers, tax and business consultants, business managers, freight forwarding, express services, logistics companies, customs agencies, quality assurance people, and many more partners together to make your international purchase to be a smooth business .We also cooperate with the German Embassy in Beijing (Peking)

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