Buy IT fair

The Agentur Frisch participates in the action "Buy IT fair" for the procurement of computers for social and environmental criteria of WEED (World Economy, Ecology & Development)

Foreign trade zone with "South Korea"

The European Union commercial commission and the Minister of Trade of South Korea signed a free trade agreement. Therefore the duty is fall off for all industrial goods in the next years completely.

Chinese Trader at Amazon
Wie wir erfahren haben, hat das deutsche Finanzamt am 28.12.17  die Amazon-Warenbestände und Kontostände vieler großer chinesischen FBA Amazon-Händler gepfändet, die in Deutschland keine Umsatzsteuer für die Verkäufe abgeführt haben, was aber – wenn die Ware bei Amazon gelagert und innerhalb von Deutschland verschi

Alibaba and the 40 (0.000) robbers

Several thousand offerers on Alibaba are to have cheated with support of coworkers of the commercial platform over years customers systematically.

bank payments to China
Please examine the bank data of your business partners doubly or adjust you these by telephone with your Chinese partners. Cheats intercept emails and lead these with falsified bank data to the buyers bank account.

Deprived container from China
 Crime in the container freight 

For the first time we had to learn that a sealed container was robbed from China. The seal has been installed in China during loading and it is also a batch report before. Nevertheless, the container arrived with a seemingly non-manipulated seal, however, was no longer filled with the charge, but with stones.

New branch in Hamburg
On 24th Jan. 2017 the Agentur Frisch has opened the new German office in Hamburg. Now we are also available in Hamburg as a regional partner for China Import, Quality Assurance and Logistics. This is now the second branch in Germany after Berlin.